This Starter Kit will help you to:

Begin each day feeling calm and positive  

You'll be guided upon how to begin a daily 5-minute mindful practice, that will set you up to feel calm, positive and looking forward to your day ahead; settling any anxiety you may have when you awake.  

Soothe your mind FAST!  

Relax, de-stress and sleep well after a tough day, by listening to any one of the trio of meditations that will simply melt away the days tensions and stressors with ease.

When you decide to live a mindful life, something amazing begins to happen ...

  • You'll become happier, more at peace within, and the things that normally stressed you out and got to you - just won't anymore
  • You'll start to take better care of your health - as you'll appreciate your life so much more
  • You'll be a calmer, more zen role model to your children and family
  • You'll create a 'ripple effect' on everyone around you, they'll wonder, 'What's her secret?' and you'll inspire those around you - making this world a much better place to be

A Note From Tina - Mindful Life Coach

I'm obsessed with mindful living, being emotionally balanced, strengthening the mindset and empowering mums to live their very best lives in our busy modern world.  

After battling mental health challenges in my life, I learnt how to overcome them, and I've gained emotional balance - I now help guide mums with mindfulness, meditation, and in being spiritually connected with mindful living.

I've prepared this Special Starter Kit so you can get started on your mindful living journey, and gain some peace back into your mind as you go about your every day. 

And I've recognised the hard way that being emotionally balanced is key to thrive in today's fast paced modern world - but you don't need to learn the hard way - allow me to help you.

Because I truly believe that you deserve to lead a life you love, no matter what's going on around you - because you have the power and the right to feel good in your every day, and I'd love nothing more than to support you in getting there.  

With love, Tina xo

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